No, God isn't dead yet.

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No, God isn't dead yet.

Message par -Renzokuken- le Dim 23 Déc 2012 @ 23:00

Forgive me for my long absence, both SeeDs and players (well, those who still play...) but lately I've had some problems with my computer and I don't know when I'll be back (unfortunately TTO isn't supposed to be played on IOS too, otherwise I could connect from my phone).
Anyway, I wish you good holidays. See ya.
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Re: No, God isn't dead yet.

Message par Surprise le Dim 23 Déc 2012 @ 23:14

No problem, thanks for the news. We hope you can resolve your problem with your computer.

If you know Final Fantasy IX, you have to know this: MiKa released TMO, the Tetra Master Online !
For now it's just the Bêta version, but it will uptdated soon :)
See this if you want to know more about
See ya !
N’est-il pas suffisant de contempler un jardin si magnifique sans avoir à croire en plus que des fées l’habitent ?
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Re: No, God isn't dead yet.

Message par Syntaxe-Error le Lun 24 Déc 2012 @ 10:51

Not à problem for me.
i did'nt connect tto since august.
i don't think i'll see you again, but i wish you à merry christmas.
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